What are Shroominerals?

Many of you know that mushrooms have been a huge part of my healing journey. Helping my adrenals recover from years of toxins, years of stress, and a huge part of my spiritual awakening.

Medicinal mushrooms have helped my adrenals repair and heal my nervous system. They have also helped my immune system stay balanced and I haven’t needed a doctors office or urgent care in years ! Btw these are not the grocery store mushrooms, those are almost pointless. Did you know that button mushrooms should be avoided especially if you suffer from GI issues, they can cause fungal overgrowth.


Now to the next ingredients raw cacao full of heart warming magnesium goodness. To help you recover and heal physically and spiritually.

Last but certainly not least Purple Irish Sea Moss ( the most nutrient dense ) has 92 of your trace minerals your cells need to function optimally. Our sea moss comes directly off the Grand Manan island of New Brunswick. Many chronic diseases and cancers have been linked to mineral deficiencies. Sea moss also helps your thyroid function And it helps you detox from toxins. We suggest always starting low and slow to avoid detox symptoms.

Cheers to health! Strength and love



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