Tylenol and your liver

You know when I was a teenager and young adult I had joint pain and I lived on Tylenol and ibuprofen That and a very processed diet no wonder I got an autoimmune disease and so did my children. We are not the only ones like this, so many people are suffering but can’t see past what theh have been taught. My icu nursing background and my love for herbs has made me see things on a scientific level but also a spiritual level.

Did you know Tylenol is the #1 cause of acute liver failure in the United States of America !? 100,000 or more deaths a year

Tylenol is the main cause of nonalcoholic liver failure.

Tylenol does this without anyone really picking up on it before it’s too late Because it accumulates over time and it is deemed “safe”. Many doctors have told me detoxing is pseudoscience but they have yet to live with chronic disease or read beyond what they have learned..this is unintentionally killing more people. Our organs are not able to handle the loads of toxins we make it encounter so yes detoxing is needed and also maintenance Is needed.

So I’ve said this before but this is a spiritual war for our souls and our submission. And TYLENOL effects your empathy and your gut (intuition) making you think natural remedies are woowoo or pseudoscience but AfterAll that’s what Rockefeller wanted us all to think.

If this is safe and effective why did the FDAs science consultants suggest it not be given to children less than 6!!! But the FDA ignored it and just thought a warning label would be “good enough”; while thousands of children get out on the liver transplant list.

a fever is healthy

But we have always been told to instantly give fever reducing medications combine that with toxic foods, red dyes in the cough syrups it’s the perfect storm for our children to have adhd or cancers or chronic diseases

Herbs and remedies to help with fever naturally

-white willow bark

-lemon balm


-acv in the bath water

-keep drinking healthy electrolyte powders (I drink it hourly while sick)

-keep your feet warm and your head cool




PS be sure to check the website frequently for our medicinal herbal tinctures and other wellness products. We will restock willow-bark soon !

Strength and love


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