The hazardous ⭕️⚠️waste that is safe for human consumption…..

Let’s talk about Fluoride !

-it’s causes low birth rates, lower IQ, cardiovascular issues, infertility, pineal gland calcification, infertility, calcification of cartilage (arthritis) and also Precocious puberty (early puberty ) etc.

Fluoride is found in your water and toothpaste but conventional dentist say it is necessary for healthy teeth

It is another weapon being used to take control of your soul by calcifying your pineal gland (3rd eye 👁, your intuition) which effects your body rhythms and sleep cycles too. This is to keep you further from your natural resources and God. Since your liver cannot process it, it go straight into your bloodstream and bonds with calcium (leaching it out of your bones )! Wow so that’s the reason for osteoporosis this whole time not your lack of calcium in your diet ! (Side note. Magnesium supplements will help with many body systems and responses )

Cleanse your liver and kidney with dandelion root, burdock root, Turkey tail mushroom, Reishi mushroom, milk thistle; Filter your water with fluoride filters; wake with the sun and get sun exposure in am or pm; seamoss helps decalcify the pineal gland and so does ACV; energy healing ; zeolites.

articles to research:

Strength and love


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