How to Heal your Thyroid


-Buy a good water filter to get as many toxins out as possible and drink from glass not plastic.

-Eradicate infections and heal your gut (bloating, acid reflux etc)

-focus on your throat chakra. Speaking your truth. Also if you grind your teeth or clinch your jaw it can be parasites and low magnesium.

-Cut our gluten, processed chemicals. Cook more home cooked meals.

-Juice celery every morning before consuming anything else.

-Get your trace minerals daily with raw sea moss free from fillers and preservatives. (ask your doctor because sea moss is high in iodine) but it has healed many people with thyroid problems.

These are a few things to help you start healing your thyroid. Remember I can give you blue prints but it is ultimately up to you to take action. Let this be your year !

love ,Sam

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