"You suffer no longer, the fire only makes you stronger. Rise above it all, you are iron after afterall"

- Samantha Stokes, RN- 

Since I can remember I have had a burning passion for learning and helping people.  Even as a child I would take my studies seriously, I would wake up at 4 am to study when I was 9 years old; this discipline would serve many times in my life and  I had no idea at that time.  In high school I decided I wanted to be a nurse so I can truly help people when they are sick.  I got married and had both of my daughters while in nursing school, I was stressed for a long time lol.  I went straight from nursing school into ICU; ICU became a passion for me when I saw my best friend many times in ICU due to her cystic fibrosis, sadly she passed in 2009 and I promised to continue to live life to the fullest for her, in her name; even naming my daughter after her.  


Fast forward to 2012 when my youngest was 18 months old she began having severe symptoms of low appetite, pain, no sleep, swollen joints and she could not bend her knees and elbows when I finally got some answers and she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis -this is when my holistic studies began, a mother on a mission, a mother trying to listen to her intuition even in the chaos of it all.  Two years later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as well and my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  


Our doctors never mentioned or suggested changing our nutrition during all of this even though I read so many books by this time on it.  It is the autoimmune paleo diet and/or Low FODMAP diet that put us all in remission.  I started losing faith in western medicine when it came to handling long term inflammation and chronic diseases. Holistic Nutrition and Herbal support has restored our health to an optimal level thus increasing our quality of life.


 I feel our struggles have brought me to my soul's mission to bridge the gap and bring a restoration of health to my community.  I have educated and supported many people and families into living more healthy lifestyles and also advocating for them when they needed help to express their needs and concerns to their doctors.  

I have come to see through learning, determination, and resilience-the answers we need are shown to us when we truly show our faith and continue to show up to find those answers.  Magick unfolds when we tap into this mindset.  I took action to create the life I wanted for myself and my girls; now I help people take a hold of their health, build strong foundations and discover sustainable intuitive eating through mindset, herbs, weightlifting and whole foods.  


If you have read all of this, I want to thank you! I hope this inspires you to start your health journey to freedom, fun and functional health. I'd love to stay connected be sure to enter your name and email below. 

Strength and Love,